Let´s create a better future for children with severe allergies

Ofek is an Israeli non-profit organization that was founded in 2001 by highly experienced educators in order to create a better future for children from Israel´s social and geographic periphery. Ofek also aims to bridge the educational and social gaps by providing high quality education and enrichment programs.

The challenge

Every year Ofek´s learning centers get dozens of parents´ requests to subsidize the personal care assistant´s cost for their allergic children.
Children with severe allergies such as sesame, fish, milk, eggs, peanuts and nuts, live with a constant life-threat. For them, seven minutes is a critical time. This is the amount of time for a responsible adult to immediately inject them with adrenaline and evacuate them to hospital.
During school hours, that person is a personal care assistant that is assigned to each allergic child by the state. Unfortunately, those personal care assistants finish their workday at 2pm. As a result, children with severe allergies have to go home at 2pm and to remain without an afterschool program and also to be left out from their natural social environment.
Without personal care assistants, these children cannot be as safe as their peers. The personal care assistant, which can provide a quick response when an allergic reaction occurs, cost $750 per month for each child. Due to the high cost, children with severe allergies are left without an afterschool program.

Together, we can make it happen

We at Ofek, care about every boy and girl and we want them to be safe and healthy. By funding personal care assistants, the children with severe allergies will avoid the social isolation and will be able to enjoy a social and supportive environment just like their friends. It will also be a tremendous help for their parents, who will be able to work more hours while their children will be in a safe environment.

How can you help?

You can make it happen – you can make a change.
Thanks to your important contribution, we will be able to employ personal care assistants and give children with severe allergies and their parents the opportunity to live a normal life.
We thank you in advance for any contribution and promise to provide you with constant updates on the influence your generous contribution made.
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